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The anime Grendizer turned 33 this month and 30 in italy… woo. too bad almost no one knows about it o_o OMG WIKIPEDIA!
I haven’t seen all of this anime..I need to see more of it though >:3



Transformers Animated “Garbage in Garbage out” Episode Review

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OMG THIS ISN’T ANIME AND WILL PROBABLY BE THE ONLY TF ANIMATED REVIEW I’LL EVER DO. The main reason is I downloaded the episode from rapidshare. and this episode hasn’t aired in the US yet but in Canada -.- lucky Canadians… This is also my first review for a tv show so please dont mind the overall crapness of it. Also this episode airs on this saturday at 10:30 AM and sunday at 11 AM. WATCH IT. ITS AWESOME.

The episode is Garbage in Garbage out. There is a problem with the garbage bots in the city because the city hall and Sundac Systems won’t settle a contract keeping them from malfunctioning. In the meantime, its the autobots job to clean up the mess until the problem is settled.

Ratchet is picking up a pile of trash with his beam..thing that shoots from his hand that lifts stuff. An old guy starts yelling at ratchet for thowing his car away. why did he have it parked there? the world may not know. Then Rachet picks up the old guy and starts yelling at the old guy. Then a cop comes and tells him to put the old guy down..OR ELSE…WHATS A COP GONNA DO TO A GIANT ROBOT THOUGH?? I MEAN SERIOUSLY..

Ratchet vs old guy

EVERYONE WANTS RATCHET TO BE NICE TO HUMANS. So Optimus Prime decides to have someone work with ratchet to project a more pleasant disposition. That Person turns out to be Sari. and shes real happy about that.


Before ratchet and Sari go off, her allspark necklace thing shoots a beam to the trash on the boat creating….WRECK-GAR!!!!1!!!11!! Wreck-gar = awesome. His voice actor is Weird Al Yankovic. Wreck Gar made references to the 1986 Transformers movie, like the universal greeting (Ba-weep-gragna-weep-nini-bong) and also at one point in animated he says “I DARE TO BE STUPID” a song by Weird Al and is also used in the old movie.


Wreck-Gar is going around trying to figure out who he is. He meets Angry Archer who shortens his name from Worthless Wreck Pile of Garbage to Wreck-Gar. He shortly is partner in crime to Angry Archer and then Bumblebee says “We’re autobots, we’re supposed to protect life” and some reason WRECK-GAR wants to be an autobot and protect life suddenly. So he pulls out an autobot emblem and puts it on himself and then go’s to try and help out the pregnant lady ratchet was driving to the Hospital before they ran into Wreck-gar. Of course they freak out and start screamin. Then Sari says “You’re also supposed to catch the bad guy!” then wreck-gar starts chasing Angry Archer who stole a canister from a truck Wreck-Gar Smashed earlier. so he’s a bad guy to wreck-gar now. Wreck-Gar runs ahead of the Angry Archer swinging from a rope (hanging from what?) and he smacks into him. then Wreck-Gar throws him. and he also dropped the canister when wrek-gar threw him which cracked when it fell on wreck-gar. Ratchet throws another fit and states that Wreck-Gar is not an Autobot and never will never be an Autobot and that hes only good for one thing, GARBAGE. now Wreck-Gar repeats what he said =D.

I am Wreck-Gar, I am only good for one thing, GARBAGE!!!

To make this review quicker, Ima skipin small details. Megatron sends Lugnut to earth to find the alspark generated from Wreck-Gar. Wreck-Gar States he is not an autobot so Lugnut thinks he’s a Decepticon. The Autobots show up, Lugnut charges a laser weapon thing in his hand and then Wreck-Gar thinks they need to greet each other or something, so he says the universal greeting, “Ba-weep-gragna-weep-nini-bong”. Then trys to shake Lugnuts hand laser thing causing massive explosion. but everyone is fine. Then lugnut turns into an airplane and Wreck-Gar Climbs on him. Wreck-Gar looks at that canister which is leaking orange crap, it also says Bio-Hazard on it. it drips onto lugnut and eats a hole in him, Wreck-Gar unscrews the part thats being eated by the orange crap which flys off of lugnut along with Wreck-Gar and land on a trash boat thing. It turns out that the orange crap are really nanobots made by sundac made to eat trash. apparently something went wrong with them and they eat anything. Ratchet and Bumblebee get to the boat which wreck-gar is trying to run into the city because he wants to give everyone garbage, after all, he’s only good for one thing, GARBAGE!!!1! The only problem is that Wreck-Gars “gift” is infested with nanobots and no one really wants his gift of garbage. Ratchet gets on the boat to stop him since its mostly his fault that this happened. Wreck-Gar goes are crazy after Ratchet said that he wouldn’t do something that stupid. Wrek-Gar replies with “I am Wreck-Gar, I DARE TO BE STUPID”. Then he goes all crazy and tries to attack ratchet. Then Ratchet apologises to Wreck-Gar for all the mean stuff he said to him. Then Wreck-Gar is happppyyy cause he can be an Autobot. He pulls out a Vacuum Cleaner and sucks up the nanobots.

But the nanobots explode out of his backpack…thing…of garbage. and Wreck-Gar falls into the lack. Ratchet trys to pick him up with his laser thing that picks up stuff. but all he picked up was his garbage from his backpack thing. Ratchet gets them to settle the contract by using force and all is good with the world. Mean while Wreck-Gar is at the bottom of the lake half buried and asking the fish to help him out.


Overall this was an epic episode of Transformers Animated. although it doesn’t really connect to the main plot it has sum character development with Ratchet though…Also wonder if Wrek-Gar is gonna be back in any other episodes if he ever gets out of that lake..


MegatronSariWreck-GarWreck-GarWreck-GarBumblebee and SariOptimus PrimeLugnutALL HAIL MEGATRONWreck-GarRatchetRatchetBumblebee PointsWreck-GarratchetRatchet is Awesome

Gundam 00 Licensed

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I haven’t updated in a while 😀 I still need to fancify my blog more, I’ve also been very busy and stuff. I’m planning on making some reviews for anime I watch old or new. Also a new banner thing for the blog is in the works.

And yes it is true, Bandai Entertainment has Licensed Gundam 00 and is planned to be aired on tv. Don’tknow when it’ll be out in the US but its really happening, the proof is here.

Gundam Exia from Gundam 00

My friend also said that the video games Gundam vs Gundam and Dynasty Warriors Gundam for the ps2 is also coming to the US, I’ll have to ask him later how he found this out to confirm it. Apparently Dynasty Warriors Gundam for the ps2 is gonna have a blue musha gundam and a new mission, so my friend says. I was hoping they added Gundam SEED or something XD. Gundam vs Gundam is like any other Gundam vs Game, but with characters from most of the gundam anime series including: Gundam 0079, Zeta Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Char’s Counterattack, F91, Victory, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, SEED, SEED Destiny, Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083, Gundam 08th MS Team. Sadly no mobile suits from Blue Destiny, Astray, Stargazer (unless they’re counted under Gundam SEED & 08th) or 00.


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I just found out from that SPHE is promoting Blood+ by including the 1st episode with 30 Days of Night and with Loch Ness Terror. Just thought that was kinda interesting, Maybe I should get 30 Days of Night, I still haven’t seen the 1st episode of Blood+. I wonder if doing that will even promote it much..

Also, news on how some of the new Transformers toys look like here. I actually kinda like this new un-anime-like Transformers show XDD. Not as much as the other ones though. The pics on TFW2005 are the new Transformers Animated Blackarachnia and Ratchet. I like Blackarachina’s designs.

Thats all for now!